Alternative Cinema of the 1980s

The 1980s were great years for indie cinema in Bombay. The list is not meant to be exhaustive. I will keep adding more as I find them. If you know of some, please leave a comment. Aakrosh - 1980 Dir - Govind Nihalani Bhav ni Bhavai - 1980 Dir - Ketan Mehta Satah Se UThata … Continue reading Alternative Cinema of the 1980s

Subverting Our Epics: Mani Ratnam’s Retelling of the Ramayana

A review I wrote of the recent film Raavan came out in the Economic and Political Weekly last week. It can be found here: Mani Ratnam’s film Raavan depicts the contradiction between the adivasis and the State through the framework of the Ramayana. The film, however, deviates from the message of the Ramayana, and raises … Continue reading Subverting Our Epics: Mani Ratnam’s Retelling of the Ramayana

"Safar"ing and sacrifice or sugar-free romances?

By Shilpi Suneja Of course I liked Cheeni Kum. The very understated treatment of a wholly original love story, requiring a very mature understanding. It definitely heralds a new age of Indian cinema–here we are, talking about a romance between two people miles apart in age. It is what you call unconventional. I would also … Continue reading "Safar"ing and sacrifice or sugar-free romances?